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Welcome to your personal trading card game experience. Our beloved team is always available to help you out with questions, advice and customer-after-sales.

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As a young kid I had a fascination for everything concerning trading card games. It started when I was 14 years old, in 1999 with the coming up of Pokemon cards and a few years later I touched my very first Magic The Gathering cards.
And that’s we’re it all started; those games became a part of my life.


In 2003 I started playing my first cards around Christmas that year; the kick-off to a 15 year career as a dedicated competitive magic player. In those 15 years I laughed, cried ,travelled and cheered as a player. But the most important thing about playing Magic or other trading card games is making friends and having fun. Some became family, some tried something else and some returned to their beloved fantasy world.


There is a saying that a card game player never really quits, maybe physically but never in their hearts.
So in 2018 it was my time to say “goodbye” to the competitive scene and started thinking about what I should do next. I tried bridge at the local retirement home, horse-riding and some gardening. It didn’t go well...and the cards kept whispering in my ears.


So I started to ask myself if it couldn't be possible to do something with my talents as a salesman.
After my wife started selling some of my personal collection; we started thinking to do it on a bigger scale.
On a personal scale with a passion to tell and some cards to sell and so was born.


2 Years later ! blows out there second candle with a milestone of 5000 sales. We still try to keep growing and expanding to reach more customers with adding large brands like Pokemon and the upcoming Flesh and Blood. So keep in touch and follow our website to discover the latest releases.


2022 was the birth of the Cardwallet Tournament Series. In the first edition 110 players attended to compete in 4 main events battling it out to become the first Series Champion.
After receiving so many positive feedback there will be a next edition planned in 2023. To be continued ...


After a few successful tournaments, we decided to shift our focus to the design of our office building to accommodate Cardwallet to better serve our customers, as the place where we currently worked had become too small. We are excited to announce that the building will be constructed in the first part of 2024.

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